Command Center

Welcome to the MPA Headquarters Command Center. You can navigate the MPA Headquarters to learn more about earning XP, tackle the challenge of the month, view the video and comment on the inspiration icon of the month. You can also find a link to the Math Plus Academy app where you can check your status!

How it Works

Every Math Plus Academy spy from Recruit to Geometry will have the opportunity to pursue and earn experience points (XP) and credits to redeem in the gadget zone. Students earn points for attending class and completing the homework, but also have the opportunity to go above and beyond inside and outside of class in an effort to earn more XP. The more effort they put in – the faster they earn XP – the more credits they acquire – the more rewards they can get!

Every 100 XP = 1 credit.

The most important thing to remember is that it will take hard work to accomplish their goals and earning XP. It’s not about being smart, it’s about becoming a life-long learner and putting in the time and effort to become the best you can be.