Bill Gates


October 28th, 1955 in Seattle, Washington


Still Alive

Best known for

His world known company, MicroSoft, and for once being the richest man in the world.


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If I were Bill Gates, I would…

  1. Never give up
  2. Spend all of my free time making computer programs
  3. Be competitive and always try to improve myself

The greatest challenge Bill Gates faced was…

Getting computer time so he could make new programs and become software genius.

He overcame that challenge by…

Finding ways to gain access to the computer, like by finding a bug and gaining free computer time.

Our favorite quote by Bill Gates

“Be nice to nerds. Chances are you’ll end up working for one.”

Bill Gates’s 3 greatest achievements:

  1. Created MicroSoft, a multibillion dollar company!
  2. Becoming the richest man in the world at age 39
  3. Created the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that focuses on solving the world’s health and education problems

Three of Gates’ personality traits.

  1. Competitive
  2. Perseverance
  3. Helpful

3 ways that I am just like him.

  1. I love to learn the computer programming language
  2. I am very competitive and always strive to succeed
  3. I am generous


  1. max knuth says:

    1. I want to have my own company
    2. I want to write computer programs
    3. I am creative

  2. Ryan Kelbick says:

    1. I never give up.
    2. I dream about things that I want to do.
    3. I like to work on computers also.

  3. 1.I am very helpful,
    2.I like to compete in what I am good at,
    3.I like to make websites,