This month’s challenges are all logic puzzles. If you are unfamiliar with how to solve logic puzzles you can click the button below for detail instructions with an example. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to use your logic and reasoning skills along with the chart and clues provided to solve the problem designated to your spy ranking. Good luck!

How to Solve Logic Puzzles

Amy, Bob, Cathy and Deb each have different pets. Your mission is to determine who has which kind of pet each person owns.


    1. Bob’s pet can’t fly
    2. Cathy’s pet has hair, so does Debs
    3. Deb’s pet doesn’t bark.

Tech logic puzzle


I have a 5 scoop ice cream cone! Each of my 5 scoops are a different flavor of ice cream. The five flavors are blueberry, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and bubble gum. You don’t know what order my ice cream flavors are from top to bottom.

ice creamClues:

    1. The bottom flavor has 10 letters
    2. The vanilla scoop touches both the chocolate and blueberry scoop
    3. Vanilla is below the chocolate scoop, but above the bubblegum scoop

operatives logic puzzle


On Saturday, five friends visited the zoo. Each friend wore a different color t-shirt and each rushed to see their favorite animal when they arrived at the zoo. Can you name each child’s favorite animal AND the color t-shirt they wore?


    1. One of the children wore the t-shirt that was the zoosame color as their favorite animal
    2. Steven, who was not wearing red, went to the Australian pavilion and Ashley, who did not visit the lions, wore the yellow shirt
    3. While visiting the King of the Jungle, Chase saw the girl with the red shirt at the monkey exhibit
    4. Paul, who did not like elephants, head the boy in the purple t-shirt roaring
    5. On her way to visit the monkeys, Michelle passed Steven who was wearing the black t-shirt.

analysts logic puzzle


Eight friends have gotten dressed up for halloween. The problem? They’ve disguised themselves so well their parents can’t figure out who is who! Use the clues to help figure out each child’s first and last name and their costume!


    1. halloween costumesA girl wore a princess costume and a boy wore the cowboy costume.
    2. Aubrey’s last name does not begin with a “B”.
    3. Ellie Jones was not dressed up as the cat.
    4. The boy wearing the Ghost costume has a last name that begins with “F”.
    5. Marcus was not the cowboy and his last name doesn’t begin with F.
    6. Jake’s mom remembers buying a large white sheet for his costume.
    7. Danielle Ford is wearing an animal costume.
    8. Anna dressed as a pumpkin and her last name begins with a “J”.
    9. the girl with the last name Smith was dressed as a cat.

    10. Marcus Sampson is wearing a costume that begins with the same letter as his first name.
    11. Tevin’s costume has horns.
    12. Mr. Barkley remembers that his son was dressed as a cowboy.

agent logic puzzle


Special Ops:
Five children stopped at a garage sale one Saturday morning. Each child bought one item. Can you determine who bought what and how much they spent on their purchase?


    1. garage saleEric Spent the most money, and Amy spent more than Kristy who didn’t spend the least.
    2. Emma and Eric both bought toys that could be assembled. Kristy didn’t buy the Barbie.
    3. Rebecca loves dolls and was very happy with her purchase. Amy bought the outside toy.
    4. The puzzle was the least expensive purchase and Rebecca spent an even amount of money and Kristy spent exactly half as much.

Special Ops logic puzzle