George Washington Carver


January 1864


January 5th, 1943

Best known for

His crop research and many “peanut discoveries”


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The greatest challenge Carver faced was…

Racial Segregation. Carver was often ignored, rejected, and ridiculed just because of his skin color.

He overcame that challenge by…

Not being discouraged. Carver kept searching until he found universities and peers that would appreciate his talent, regardless of his race.

Our favorite quotes by George Washington Carver

“One reason I never patent my products is that if I did it would take so much time, I would get nothing else done. But mainly I don’t want my discoveries to benefit specific favored persons.”
“Lose, if need be, without squealing. Win without bragging. Be too brave to lie. Be too generous to cheat. Take your share of the world and let others take theirs.”

George Washington Carver’s 3 greatest achievements:

  1. He developed the method of crop rotation, a practice that is now used world wide!
  2. His work with peanuts and sweet potatoes shaped many of the traditional southern dishes we see today.
  3. He was a member of the Royal Academy of Arts

Three of George’s personality traits.

  1. Hard-working
  2. Persistent
  3. Kind

3 ways that I am just like him.

  1. I like to invent new things
  2. I search for opportunities, even if they are hard to find
  3. I would like to make discoveries that could help all of humanity


  1. Ryan Kelbick says:

    1. I want to invent things.
    2. I like to experiment.
    3. I study things.