Sophie Germain


April 1st, 1776


June 27th, 1831

Best known for:

Her work on the Theory of Elasticity


Watch this video about Sophie Germain!

If I were Sophie Germain I would wonder about…

1. Why rubber stretches, but glass breaks
2. How foam returns to the same shape after you squeeze it
3. What are the physical properties of Jell-O

The greatest challenge Sophie Germain faced was…

the discrimination she faced as a woman. Sophie wasn’t allowed to go to college, and people often didn’t take her seriously, all because she was female.

She overcame that challenge by…

Teaching herself mathematics, reading college lecture notes, and even writing to professors using a man’s name!

Our favorite quote by Sophie Germain:

The more one reflects, the more one acknowledges that necessity governs the world. At each new progress of science, that which seemed contingent is recognized as being necessary. Multiple relations are established between the branches that we had thought to be separate; we observe laws where we had thought there were only accidental events. We approach more and more the unity of being…

Sophie Germain’s 3 greatest achievements:

  1. She taught herself difficult math like Calculus, without ever going to college
  2. She was the first woman to win an award from the Paris Academy of Sciences
  3. She came up with theories in science and math that are still used today

One thing we were surprised to learn about Sophie Germain was that…

She developed all of her mathematical theories without ever going to college!

Three of Germain’s personality traits.

  1. Knowledge Hungry
  2. Persistent
  3. Not easily discouraged

3 ways that I am just like her.

  1. I like to teach myself new things
  2. I’m always looking for ways to be a better mathematician.
  3. I am not afraid to work hard to reach my goals.


  1. 1. I like math a lot
    2. I love sience too
    3. I want to lern new things

  2. olivia loudon says:

    who are you agent x? I`m pretty sure you are the head of mpa +I love math like sophie ,live in a world sort of like sophie`s and am a scientist

  3. Christian Giannone says:

    I am like Sophie Germain because I am smart, I love math and I was born in April.

  4. Ryan Kelbick says:

    1. I want to teach myself new things.
    2. I want to develop new skills.
    3. I am a mathematician.

  5. Braden White says:

    1. I teach myself math sometimes, like division.
    2. If I learn something new or fun in math, I stay up late to do more of it.
    3. I love math.