October Challenges

This month’s challenges are all about riddles that involve logic and reasoning.  Click on the pdf link to print a copy of this month’s challenge and bring it in with the solution to earn your XP.  Good luck!



A man is walking across a bridge and meets a girl. He says to the girl, “Brothers and sisters have I none, but this girl’s father is my mother’s son.” Somehow the man and the girl are related.  How are they related?





On the island of Elbonia, a letter can cost anywhere from 1 cent to 15 cents to mail.  You can only mail letters using the exact postage.  However, there is only room for 3 stamps on each envelope.  The Elbonian’s also only have 3 values of stamps.  What must the 3 values of stamps be for someone to mail a letter worth any amount between 1 and 15 cents?




A farmer has to get a bag of corn, a chicken and a fox across a river safely.  The farmer only has room for 1 item in his boat at a time.  The only problem is that if he leaves the fox alone with the chicken, the fox will eat the chicken, and if he leaves the chicken alone with the bag of corn, then the chicken will eat the corn.  How can the farmer get all three items across the river safely?




There are 3 baskets at a market.  One is labeled apples only, one is labeled oranges only, and the last is labeled apples and oranges mixed.  The only problem is that each of the baskets are labeled incorrectly.  You can only pull out 1 piece of fruit from 1 basket and then must label the baskets correctly.  How will you do this?


Special Ops:


You have 8 coins, 1 of which is counterfeit and heavier than the others. You have a balance scale, which you may use twice. How will you figure out which coin is the counterfeit?